Beach souvernirs

May 19, 2015

Glasses keep me busy at the moment. I need them myself since a couple of months. That’s new for me. And the fact that I can’t see 100% sharp anymore disturbs me. In the same time I find glasses super interesting. And stylish (on others).

Here some driftwood collages from my recent trip.






julia_kaiser_glasses_07 julia_kaiser_glasses_08


It’s been while

April 9, 2015

Almost forgot how it felt to just take some snaps, every once in a while. Had been too busy lately. Do you like my new fluffy and soft compagnon?








Getting away from the computer

October 27, 2014

Getting away from the computer more often is my mission these days but it is not that easy. I truly have to force myself. So here’s some experiments with colorised brush pen drawings I made yesterday. At the end it’s all digitalised again, sure, sure.



October 24, 2014

Working on a new series of illustrations. It’s about architecture and spaces and some rooms I actually lived in.

JuliaKaiser_room-7 JuliaKaiser_room-8

a day at the office

October 9, 2014



back to school? Hello green!

October 8, 2014

Good morning. I am not actually “back to school” but recently moved to a new studio as you know. After unpacking my boxes and getting settled I realised that I missed something. Plants! I never had a single plant in my studio, for the past 10 years or so. How unhealthy! High time for some leaves. So here they are, my new roommates. Hello green.

Judith from Joelix - I follow her beautiful blog for a couple of years now – and Igor from Happy Interior Blog started Urban Jungle Bloggers. Their topic for this month is “back to school – plants on the workplace”. How appropriate! Very nice initiative.


New print in the shop: Wolf

October 2, 2014

Happy to announce a new print in the shop: Wolf. Less abstract than my previous series. No pale rose involved this time. Now would that fit a real wolf anyways? – No! Go check it, it’s not biting.

juliakaiser_wolf-1 juliakaiser_wolf-5 juliakaiser_wolf-7 juliakaiser_wolf-17

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